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Ever since I could remember, I have enjoyed walks. Long walks through any scenery have always been my favorite. Do you believe that walking 10,000 steps a day is crucial for muscle and bone development? I believe in it as it does make sense that more blood would be circulated throughout the entire body and nothing can feel better than knowing that you’re alive till you feel the heart beating. Same goes to inhaling and exhaling while taking those walks. Long walks can be very refreshing, especially after a tireless and exhausting day.

Sometimes I take long walks on whim, other times it is planned and there are times I take walks to clear my mind. Do you every catch yourself going on walks and feeling relaxed at the end?

In Autumn, when the leaves have changed colour I usually feel ever more excited to take long walks. The Autumn breeze sends happy chills down my spine. There is something fascinating about it that makes me feel connected to Nature. Where I get a sensation of being pulled into a different universe. You know that feeling you get when you see or experience a new place or event. That rush of adrenalin is what it feels like for me when I go on a new adventure walking, hiking or traveling.

I recommend that you try it out. Start off on days where you have a lot of free time to spare. Prepare a bottle of refreshing lemonade or just water, maybe even tea. Up to you, but remember to dress lightly. Plan out a day in advance where you would like to drive off to take a walk. Maybe you decide to walk on a trail or through a beautiful scenic neighbourhood. As long as you have planned out your path you should be good 😊

Sometimes when I do not feel like exercising heavly, I decide to take laps walking around a track near my block. The laps add up to 10,000 steps. I have a app on my phone that calculates how many steps would be one lap and how many miles I have walked. Usually, when I have work down town in Toronto, I end up walking more than 10,000 steps. Honestly, I do not realize that I walk that many steps down town because everything is in your vicinity. That is pretty cool to me! IMG_2469

The above picture is me, it was taken while on a long walk at Dundas Peak in Hamilton ON, Canada! The location is quite lovely in Autumn, maybe you already know but Fall is my fav season. The Earth, the mud, the roots, the leaves, the branches, the colours, the oxygen, the evaporation and much more always draws me back every single time.

This is my kind of wanderlust. Close to home & the heart.


(n) a longing to travel, missing a place you’ve never been.

a wonder
“you can almost hear yourself sleeping to the sound of rain” From: Tumblr