It’s How You Decide

We make many decisions almost everyday, but do you sit down and think how much your decisions may effect where you will be heading in the future? Sometimes I question things, not because I am worried, it is just that I have many unanswered questions. I love writing those ideas down to look back later in my life, get and idea of how far I have come.

Life is what you thought it to be.


I have so many questions about life and a lot of those questions start with a “why?” I guess I am the only one who could answer those questions, once, I have reached my life’s full potential. I don’t know really. I mean it though, what do we really know about the life we live, other than what we do on a daily basis and small factors about our life such as age, race, ethnicity, family relations, peers, education, work, travel, costs/bills, where we want to go in the future, who we like, food we eat, hobbies, our personalities, and I think that’s all oh and maybe secrets? Is that all life has to offer? Maybe I’m just overthinking things again. Who knows?

Old Man Willow: Only a gentle noise on the edge of
hearing, a soft fluttering as of a song half whispered, seemed to
stir in the boughs above. He lifted his heavy eyes and saw
leaning over him a huge willow-tree, old and hoary.
Enormous it looked, its sprawling branches going up
like reaching arms with many long-fingered hands,
its knotted and twisted trunk gaping in wide fissures
that creaked faintly as the boughs moved. The leaves
fluttering against the bright sky dazzled him, and he
toppled over, lying where he fell upon the grass.

When I was young, I always wondered what it would be like to grow up. Now that I have passed 20 yrs of age, I wish time wouldn’t feel as if it is ticking faster. There are so many responsibilities and stages that have to be completed; it becomes overwhelming and unbearable with stress. People always tell me I do not mix well with stress and I do agree. It is probably from how my timeline reached this stage of my life. I always took everything to heart and let others opinions get to me.

Now I realize I could have handled things better.

All I should focus on now is what is ahead of me and take what I have experienced as examples of what not to do, to grow, make better decisions. It will not be easy but someone once told me: good things never come easy.

Making Characters

Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 2018

Morning Routines are sometimes difficult to fit into a daily schedule you’ve set out for yourself. However, today my morning was not as busy; I’m on my reading week. So, I decided to actually stay up and get some reading done, bullet journal for an hour, and decided to try going back to my childhood ways of drawing my thoughts. After going over some ideas I thought to myself it would go well with my blog and here we are! I still think that it needs some touch ups here and there but so far it’s looking great!! Do you ever just want to drink oolong tea and just read a book for most of he morning? That is of course if you have all you other chores completed! 😛

The character I created is a female; Her name is Marie-Ann Lois Carlyle.

Her Background:

  • Ever since she was 6 years of age she’d always help out the needy with her father and mother on their Fairlilly Island of Knenze. She loves helping her community so much that she built a home for homeless single parents (Fathers and Mothers). Her building can house 50 Families; with a large kitchen and 4 to 5 school of youth centers to teach the children ages infant to school age.

Her Nickname is Maryle

  • She is a mix of Albino (from her father) and Asian (from her mother).
  • The hair growing out of her scalp is pure white with an hint of dark brown and red
  • The lower portion of her hair growing out from the nape of her head is dark brown with some orange strands (she must of had inherited that from her mother)

As of now she is in Ireland setting up another homeless shelter with a school for youths and single parents.

She is Kwel ^.^

I will be planning out whether to stick with making characters or not. So far its interesting and has been a fun journey with some feedback I might be able to create better sketch works.

Have a good day everyone! ❤