Bullet Journal

Being New To The Bujo Community

I had always had a taste for writing, writing down anything on any kind of paper. There’s something very wonderous about writing; where, typing on devices would never accomplish. It detaches us from reality, ever so slightly – you become your best self – experiencing, unexplainable, out of this world, mystifying senses. Remembering places you’ve been to, people you’ve met before, and even the certain smells and tastes of food, places, events, work, even people. It’s almost nostalgic.

Prior to Bullet Journaling, I had a sweet spot for writing in my Diary, now I enjoy the Bullet Journal Method. It’s the equivalent to the diary like a modern diary, almost.

If you are reading this and are in the same boat as I am, still getting around the know how of bujoing, keep reading 🙂

I atually came across the Bullet Journal Community by scrolling through YouTube on a fine Canadian Winter day, sometime in October of 2018. Literally, it was recommended on my recommendations list :p I cannot explain why I chose to click on the video!? As you can read, here I am today talking about my experience stumbling onto this beautiful community.

After, some extensive and carful research. I decided to purchase a Leuchtruem 1917 – The Bullet Journal from my local Indigo Chapters (one of my fav places to chill). Looking into others style of journaling, indeed helped quite a bit! I found that I preferred the more, artsy and aesthetic, style. However, my very first time completing a spread was done with some help from Ryder Carroll’s – The Bullet Journal Method book.

Year at a Glance & 2019 Overview

Presently, I am still using his book as a guide. Carroll’s book explains thoroughly, step-by-step, what each page and category means, also, how to use it. As well as, what he means by Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future.

Now, It is all slowing falling into it’s right place. However, I am in the precess of leanrning how to stay on track with my writing and planning. Time management is important. But, there are days when life becomes too busy and chaotic for routine to go as planned. Ya’ know?

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