Looking for Reasons Why You Should Take Long Walks


Would you ever go into a cave alone?

You never know where the journey may take you. That is the vibe I got when I first saw the picture above! Ever since I could remember, I have enjoyed walks. Long walks through any scenery have always been my favorite. Do you believe that walking 10,000 steps a day is crucial for muscle and bone development? I believe in it as it does make sense, that more blood would be circulated throughout the entire body and nothing can feel better than knowing that you’re alive till you feel the heart beating. Same goes to inhaling and exhaling while taking those walks. Long walks can be very refreshing, especially after a tireless and exhausting day.

Sometimes I take long walks on whim, other times it is planned and there are times I take walks to clear my mind. Do you every catch yourself going on walks and feeling relaxed at the end?

In Autumn, when the leaves have changed colour I usually feel ever more excited to take long walks. The Autumn breeze sends happy chills down my spine. There is something fascinating about it that makes me feel connected to Nature. Where I get a sensation of being pulled into a different universe. You know that feeling you get when you see or experience a new place or event. That rush of adrenaline is what it feels like for me when I go on a new adventure walking, hiking or traveling.

I recommend that you try it out. Start off on days where you have a lot of free time to spare. Prepare a bottle of refreshing lemonade or just water, maybe even tea. Up to you, but remember to dress lightly. Plan out a day in advance where you would like to drive off to take a walk. Maybe you decide to walk on a trail or through a beautiful scenic neighborhood. As long as you have planned out your path you should be good 😊

Sometimes when I do not feel like exercising heavily, I decide to take laps walking around a track near my block. The laps add up to 10,000 steps. I have a app on my phone that calculates how many steps would be one lap and how many miles I have walked. Usually, when I have work down town in Toronto, I end up walking more than 10,000 steps. Honestly, I do not realize that I walk that many steps down town because everything is in your vicinity. That is pretty cool to me!

The above picture is me, it was taken while on a long walk at Dundas Peak in Hamilton ON, Canada! The location is quite lovely in Autumn, maybe you already know but Fall is my fav. season. The Earth, the mud, the roots, the leaves, the branches, the colours, the oxygen, the evaporation and much more always draws me back every single time.

This is my kind of wanderlust. Close to home & the heart.


(n) a reason for being the thing that gets you up in the morning JAPANESE

“You can almost hear yourself sleeping to the sound of rain after a nice day walking!”

Finding Balance

If you’re juggling too many things, and you drop one, it will break. You will have less things to juggle.

My experiences have been similar to the above quote. If you’re reading this and you’ve read my other post about how to decide, you’d know that stress and I do not mix well. That would be why I deem it very difficult to find a balance among all the chaos that life ensues upon us. Of course, we make choices and they lead to the outcomes we end up experiencing but, you know, some times we cannot help it and life throws us into a situation. These situations may become difficult to complete when there are other tasks at hand. Some people thrive in such environments, and I can too. However, when there are too many tasks I give up easily.

That was how last summer went, after I began my 2nd placement. Mid way through — I think my brain had a short circuit — I stopped functioning properly. That was about the same time I had a wake up call.

When life just happens to throw you lemons, I do not 
have to, always, make lemon juice.

Instead of giving up right away and running from my problems, I should have spoken to my counselor about how I was doing during that time. Sometimes it is okay to feel you are not good enough because that is just being honest and the truest version of yourself. It is fine to confide with others, not everyone is there to judge people. All I had to do was as simple as that, I could not look past the hurt I was feeling and all the negativity. Now that I look back at my life, I realize how much I have grown and that all these events I have experienced have shaped me to be the version I am now. Balance, I believe is navigating through the highs and lows, work and rest, social media and active play. The world cannot be whole, one without the other.

Learning is never ending and so far I have learned that being open and saying what needs to be said, asking the right questions, and being my true self is the best way to find balance. Even when it is chaotic there is balance; for peaceful tides are ahead.

How to Plan Your Life Ahead of Time

Let’s Plan Together

Have you ever felt drained and exhausted from being unorganized so much so that you feel your life is about to fall apart? I have felt this way many times! I could not understand, at first that my organization skills were a result of my lack in managing my time and everyday tasks’. When I had stumbled upon The Bullet Journal Method, I felt like I was saved! Simply put, it helps you Track Your Past, Order the Present, and Design the Future. These are Ryder Carroll’s words but they make sense.

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use it the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Planning is not only about the current tasks before you, it is about organizing your past events and tasks into what matters for the future and the present. The tasks you have finished (past) gets cancelled and deleted and the ones you have to still work on get moved forward into, what we bujoers call, the Future Log. If you have a copy of the guide book, The Bullet Journal Method, you would be able to grasp, better, the concepts of bullet journaling.

I have recently joined Amazon as an associate, still new to it though. If you would like to help me or would want your own copy of the book I mentioned above, you can read more on my Planning Post in the Featured Post(s) section when you go to my home page.

Planning can be very cumbersome, but I have some items I use to keep me on track. At first I used Muji notebooks. I do own a bullet journal from them, it has a nice clear cover that you can touch up with your own headings. Later on, when I got more into bujoing I used the Leuchttreum 1917 Notebook made for bullet journaling.

Other aspects of journaling include the pens you use. I realized that having quality pens help with your work, especially if you do artwork as you plan. I purchased micron pens, tombow brush pens, and midliners. I have linked the zebra midliners set below, not the single sets because they are add on items. I you do purchase it check out ebates they might help you with discounts if that would be something you would like to do.

So far, I have seen the differences between affordable and quality in pens. The cheaper ones I own smudge and they bleed through the papers. I suggest if you’re starting out to buy good quality pens when they are on a sale. I like adding discounts too =)

However, you do not have to use any expensive items if you do not want to. You can perfectly achieve great work on more affordable notebooks. I will link the Kesoto A5 thick notebook below if you would like to purchase one for yourself. The paper I heard from a few friends of mine are great quality, 120gsm rather than 100! They are also environmentally friendly, the cover is soft-touch, the notebook comes with a pen loop as well. There is an expandable inner pocket that you can use to hold stickers, business cards, or pictures.

I am thinking of whether I should purchase one myself! I already have a lot of stantionary items but I always feel like adding more to my collection (^.^)

Feel free to leave your comments down below or send me an email through my contacts page.

Let’s Plan And Bullet Journal Together!

Recently I’ve joined with Amazon as an associate; I thought I would give it a try. I thought that, as the writer 📝 I should let my viewers know, which include you, my beautiful reader, what I am doing.

At this moment, I have completed my schooling, however, I do plan to go back to school in a month or two during Summer of 2019, and as of now I have not yet been able to acquire a job in my line of field. Early Childhood Education (ECE), is a great program but here in Canada the outlook is dire, especially, with what’s going around with Doug Ford! I tell you it’s insane!

If you happen to be in a similar position like me, I would recommend trying out a side hustle! But, if you really are looking for more information on planning and organizing your life I suggest that you try out Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method.

If anyone is interested and would like more information with how I started out, you could send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

As a side note: Any purchase made from my affiliate links will result in me receiving a small commission. It is true for most affiliate links and as I am just starting this I thought it be best that I stay honest with my viewers.

Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking. Henry Ford

How I Came Across Bullet Journaling!

Being New To The Bujo Community

I had always had a taste for writing, writing down anything on any kind of paper. There’s something very wonderous about writing; where, typing on devices would never accomplish. It detaches us from reality, ever so slightly – you become your best self – experiencing, unexplainable, out of this world, mystifying senses. Remembering places you’ve been to, people you’ve met before, and even the certain smells and tastes of food, places, events, work, even people. It’s almost nostalgic.

Prior to Bullet Journaling, I had a sweet spot for writing in my Diary, now I enjoy the Bullet Journal Method. It’s the equivalent to the diary like a modern diary, almost.

If you are reading this and are in the same boat as I am, still getting around the know how of bujoing, keep reading 🙂

I atually came across the Bullet Journal Community by scrolling through YouTube on a fine Canadian Winter day, sometime in October of 2018. Literally, it was recommended on my recommendations list :p I cannot explain why I chose to click on the video!? As you can read, here I am today talking about my experience stumbling onto this beautiful community.

After, some extensive and carful research. I decided to purchase a Leuchtruem 1917 – The Bullet Journal from my local Indigo Chapters (one of my fav places to chill). Looking into others style of journaling, indeed helped quite a bit! I found that I preferred the more, artsy and aesthetic, style. However, my very first time completing a spread was done with some help from Ryder Carroll’s – The Bullet Journal Method book.

Year at a Glance & 2019 Overview

Presently, I am still using his book as a guide. Carroll’s book explains thoroughly, step-by-step, what each page and category means, also, how to use it. As well as, what he means by Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future.

Now, it is all slowly falling into it’s right place. However, I am in the process of learning how to stay on track with my writing and planning. Time management is important. But, there are days when life becomes too busy and chaotic for routine to go as planned. Ya’ know?

What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Soulfully Happy

Happiness I believe is experienced differently in every path you cross in your life. And it is experienced differently among others. You can ask your best friend, coworker, parent or teacher. I assure you, your peers and family members will give you various answers. That is nothing to feel discouraged about, it is pretty simple, we have to understand that this world is not being walked upon by only our feet. There are a bit over 7 billion people on planet Earth, maybe a few people experience similar paths as us. We can look towards others for inspiration but as long as we do not feel interest in specific areas of our life we might never feel lifted and optimistic.

There were many times in my few years living, what, I am about 24, at the moment and so far life shown me many ups and downs. If I let the downs define how far I have come, of course, I would not feel happy, you know if you read between the lines you might understand what I am trying to explain. All the glory of life is about, taking everything that is in your path with an open heart. Then, maybe the conflicts, melancholy, bad days, and good days would be good experiences to look back on, in the future when we might have found our happiness.

Who knows? Your soul, maybe! 🙂

Growing up, I was happy seeing and making others around me happy but, that did not last for long. It was a gradual build up, where I had experienced depression. Then, I realized, does making others around happy really make me feel that way as well? No, not really. That was just my helping-hand, helping others in need. I got to say, it does feel nice helping people.

Here are a few things about life that I love, enjoy, that deep down make me feel truly happy:

  • Doing things that soothe my mind
    • creating art, journaling, knitting, organizing
  • Learning a new skill that fascinates me
    • from school, work, workshops, projects, research
  • Listening to music
    • all genres
  • Reading a book that takes me on a journey
    • i should create a world reading list
  • Immersing myself in the beauty of nature
  • The smell and sound of rain and wind in the air
  • Falling asleep to the sound of nature

You just have to enjoy the simple things in life.