How to Plan Your Life Ahead of Time

Let’s Plan Together

Have you ever felt drained and exhausted from being unorganized so much so that you feel your life is about to fall apart? I have felt this way many times! I could not understand, at first that my organization skills were a result of my lack in managing my time and everyday tasks’. When I had stumbled upon The Bullet Journal Method, I felt like I was saved! Simply put, it helps you Track Your Past, Order the Present, and Design the Future. These are Ryder Carroll’s words but they make sense.

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use it the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Planning is not only about the current tasks before you, it is about organizing your past events and tasks into what matters for the future and the present. The tasks you have finished (past) gets cancelled and deleted and the ones you have to still work on get moved forward into, what we bujoers call, the Future Log. If you have a copy of the guide book, The Bullet Journal Method, you would be able to grasp, better, the concepts of bullet journaling.

I have recently joined Amazon as an associate, still new to it though. If you would like to help me or would want your own copy of the book I mentioned above, you can read more on my Planning Post in the Featured Post(s) section when you go to my home page.

Planning can be very cumbersome, but I have some items I use to keep me on track. At first I used Muji notebooks. I do own a bullet journal from them, it has a nice clear cover that you can touch up with your own headings. Later on, when I got more into bujoing I used the Leuchttreum 1917 Notebook made for bullet journaling.

Other aspects of journaling include the pens you use. I realized that having quality pens help with your work, especially if you do artwork as you plan. I purchased micron pens, tombow brush pens, and midliners. I have linked the zebra midliners set below, not the single sets because they are add on items. I you do purchase it check out ebates they might help you with discounts if that would be something you would like to do.

So far, I have seen the differences between affordable and quality in pens. The cheaper ones I own smudge and they bleed through the papers. I suggest if you’re starting out to buy good quality pens when they are on a sale. I like adding discounts too =)

However, you do not have to use any expensive items if you do not want to. You can perfectly achieve great work on more affordable notebooks. I will link the Kesoto A5 thick notebook below if you would like to purchase one for yourself. The paper I heard from a few friends of mine are great quality, 120gsm rather than 100! They are also environmentally friendly, the cover is soft-touch, the notebook comes with a pen loop as well. There is an expandable inner pocket that you can use to hold stickers, business cards, or pictures.

I am thinking of whether I should purchase one myself! I already have a lot of stantionary items but I always feel like adding more to my collection (^.^)

Feel free to leave your comments down below or send me an email through my contacts page.

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